Ernestine Gayban

Ernestine Gayban

GIS Analyst

Ernestine has managed R.O.I.'s in-house mapping and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for 18 years. She  oversees all aspects of research and market analysis for the Las Vegas market.

Ernestine has produced the site analysis packages for  client specific needs as well as digital and aerial mapping needs. She also designs marketing pieces for brochures, web pages and social media postings.

Born in the Philippines, Ernestine graduated from the University of the Philippines with a Bachelor of Science degree in Statistics. She worked at the National Mapping agency as a System Analyst in the Philippines for 10 years.

In her free time, Ernestine enjoys watercolor painting. She is one of eight recipients of a Notable Award in the 2021 Nevada P.S. I Love You Postcard Project with 1045 submissions. The event was hosted by the Nevada Humanities Program.

“Don’t fight forces, use them.” – Buckminster Fuller 


Philanthropy & Volunteerism

Ernestine has an advance certification for IRS Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program.

She volunteers to prepare tax returns for low income families and seniors in the community.