Angelica Marie Clemmer

Angelica Marie Clemmer, CCIM

Executive Vice President

NV Lic # S.0177553

Angelica's childhood in the quaint suburb of Boulder City, just a stone's throw away from the glittering lights of Las Vegas, was anything but ordinary. With a realtor mother and a home builder father, her upbringing was steeped in the language of real estate, turning dinner table conversations into lively debates about market trends and property valuations. Little did she know, those early discussions would plant the seeds for her future ambitions.

Even in second grade, Angelica stood out with her big dreams. While others dreamed of space or royalty, she boldly proclaimed her wish to own malls where all her favorite stores could come together.

Her journey into the world of commercial real estate began during her college years at UNLV, where she took her first steps into the industry through a position in Escrow at Chicago Title. Despite facing challenges during the Great Recession, she persevered and learned from experienced mentors at Colliers International, who provided valuable guidance during that time.

But Angelica's heart belonged to retail. Drawn to the sector's bustling energy and endless possibilities, she found her niche at R.O.I. Commercial Real Estate in 2014. Little did she know, the retail brokerage world came with its own challenges, including a seemingly endless stream of sign calls that tested her patience.

When she isn’t busy sealing deals or championing worthy causes, Angelica embraces life's simple pleasures. Whether embarking on spontaneous road trips with her husband, Josh, their son, Louie, and their trusty sidekick, Artichoke the dog, or indulging in culinary adventures at the latest hotspot in town, she tackles each day with excitement and passion.

Philanthropy & Volunteerism

Served on the Safe Nest Board

Supporter of Three Square

Supporter of The LV Philharmonic

Supporter of Girl Scouts